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Real. Artisanal. Inspired. Local.

Highball and Harvest combines rusting authenticity with Ritz-Carlton refinement to feature interactive dining, a novel railroad-inspired design, handcrafted cocktail classes, and a creative menu.


Our food is truly artisanal and inspired, using an abundance of local available resources and promoting sustainable agriculture.

House Made Parker Rolls
Bar Seating
- Bakery

Parker House Rolls

Our thirty-person pastry team bakes everything from scratch and has created one of Highball & Harvest's most exceptional offerings. Introducing Parker House Rolls, made from old-world Khorasan wheat, served up warm and moist with significantly less gluten than typical bread.
Bar Seating
Cocktail Chef
- Bar

Interactive Cocktails

Take a seat at the large communal seating bar at our interactive cocktail table. Bar chefs create handcrafted cocktails and curate personalized cocktail classes. Cocktails are served on the rocks with hand-carved ice, sculpted bar side with a high-end Japanese ice saw, and infused with Whisper Creek Farm herbs and fruits.
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Visit Highball & Harvest for unique southern cuisine and hand-crafted cocktails 407-393-4422